Like A Fine Wine, I Have Aged Yet Another Year  

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Well, it's pretty much come and birthday! Yep, I'm officially one year closer to the big 3-0 and while I can't say there's anything nostalgic about turning 29, I can say I'm happy to still be a twenty-something. And to answer the proverbial question of "do you feel any older"? As you all know, of course you don't feel older simply because it's your birthday.

I will say that I don't even feel 29. When you think about it, what is age other than a number? What if nobody ever kept track of your birthday and when you were born? How old would you say you are if the only thing you had to base it off of is how you feel? If I had to put an age on me, I'd have to say I feel about 23.

I often joke that I can't believe I'm in charge of raising kids, but it's true. I still feel so child-like myself that the very thought that I have been handed the gift of raising children is almost frightful. I guess on the upside, feeling young means that I still enjoy playing and running around with my kids and that in and of itself is irreplaceable.

Well readers, it's time for me to get my old butt in bed. Goodnight all! Have a blessed night and a beautiful morning!

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