Was There Life Before Kids?  

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Have you ever been lucky enough to have the Hubby or Grandma take the kids for the day and leave you to have a day off? A what, you say? A day off, ladies. Let me explain... It's one of those things that people in the normal workforce get about every five days or so and then don't go back to their "job" for about two days and then complain about it. They even get paid for it if you can believe it! Poor babies!

Anyway, my point here is that my lovely husband decided to take the kids for a few hours today and give mommy a well needed break. I was so excited that I got the boys ready in record time and even managed to forget to pack the diaper bag. Bad mommy! I'm sure he'll figure it out. So I give everybody hugs and kisses, close the door behind them, turn around annnnnnnnnnnnnd what in the world do I do with myself now? Oh wait, listen, what's that sound? Could it be? I think it is. Yes, yes it is. I can hear myself thinking. I haven't heard that in years. In fact.....look! There! In the distance! My train of thought actually has a caboose!

Suddenly I'm thinking this "break" thing might not be so bad. So I sit down on the couch (any darn part of it I please, too!) and start flipping channels looking for something non-animated to watch thinking a woman could really get use to this! Then I got bored...fast! So I figured taking a shower with no urgency to get out might be nice. I might actually be able to wash my hair and shave in one shower! That would nice...and it was.

Fast forward a few hours... My husband and kids are still gone, I'm bored like nothing you've ever seen before and I'm ridiculously lonely. I'm not sure if this is normal or absolutely nuts. It honestly makes me wonder what in the world did I do with myself before I had kids? For the life of me I can't think of one important thing I did before being a mom, but I was always busy. I'm almost 29 years old and my best friends are 7, 3 and 18 months. Without them I have no life. They literally are my heart, my entire being, all that I am, walking around on the outside simply to beautify this world. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, but it's also the most rewarding. I wouldn't change it for anything.

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comment .... testing 1 2 3.... ya it's working finally!!!!!!!!!!

its about dang time! and now I have nothing to say as I have already wrote you everything. lol

How funny... when my kids are gone I never get bored! Maybe it's because they are at the age that they don't rely on me as much as they used to. They kind of do their own thing when they are home anyway. Lol.

I totally get that! My husband and I say it to one another ALL THE TIME: What did we do before our kids? What was life even about?! Thanks for reminding me how great mommyhood really is!

(And thanks for following my blog!)

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