Pink Duct Tape  

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So, I was doing some shopping one day at the local craft store and happened upon several rolls of brightly colored duct tape. Along side were some fliers with some do-it-yourself craft ideas of things you can do with the duct tape. Some of the idea's were to make purses, wallets and a bunch of other silly things that no normal person would ever actually use in a million years. I'll apologize now if you're reading this and not a normal person and currently have a duct tape purse with a duct tape wallet inside. That's a sticky situation to be in. Anyway, I carried on my way continually thinking how ridiculous of a person you must be to make and then actually walk down the street with a flippin duct tape purse! Seriously, I, a mother of 3, two of which are with me and are by this time beginning to act up, can think right off the top of my head of about 5 good uses for that wonderfully fashionable pink duct tape.

Are you with me moms? Here we go:

1.)Shopping carts/high chairs with broken seat belts
2.)Keep toddlers in bed after their 23rd trip to the potty and their 12th drink of water
3.)Assisting your child in keeping their hands to themselves
4.)What can't be child proofed with duct tape? Nothing!

And of course, the obvious...

5.)Silence is golden...momma's duct tape is pink!

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