Nothing Could Have Ever Prepared Me  

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Boys, aren't they grand? Remember the old poem "Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice and boys are made of frogs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails"? Well, now that I am a mother to both, I can without doubt, say that poem was indeed not made up by some cruel little girl on the playground, but rather by a very well educated mother of a very average little boy.

I have been blessed with not one, but two angel faced little boys that are just shy of two years apart. This makes my life of a stay at home mom more than interesting. I have recently (about 2 months ago) started potty training my older son. This makes for fun times! Being that I obviously don't possess these parts I was a bit intimidated and confused, but went head on just as I did with my daughter assuming it's the same principal... get the pee in the potty. He seemed really excited and caught on fairly quickly with few accidents. We then moved on to: DUN DUN DUN, put the poo in the potty!

Here is where the excitement begins. He was very, very reluctant with this step of the potty training process. Every time I asked him to remember to go poop in the potty he said "I can't, it's to hard". I had no idea what that meant, but I just kept encouraging him. Finally, low and behold, a blood curdling scream from the restroom "I pooed in the potty!" I come running in to a sight no mother should ever have to see, but I feel I should share with you anyway. I hope all of you can picture this to the best of your ability. A freshly pooped, non-wiped three year old standing proudly upon his stool, bent over, rear facing, waiting for me to do my motherly duties. I felt so honored!

Now one might think this is a one time thing, but oh no, not for my son! My son comes up with a new one everyday! Like the day I found him diaper-less appearing to be 'chasing his tail'. I asked him what he was doing and he said while pointing at his rear end "the poop comes out of there". What in the world do you say to that? Is there a book or something of responses when you find yourself completely speechless? If not, there certainly should be!

Now this is why dads need to be involved with the potty training process with boys: Because moms don't know off hand to make sure when pulling up the pull-up to make sure the little pieces are in the down position. This is important because if it's in the up position and an accident occurs, it will shoot right out the top of the pull-up. I am speaking from first hand experience. Also, who knew that little boys, if given an opportunity will play with their extra appendages? I didn't think this started until they were older, but when I saw my son out of the corner of my eye with his hand tucked in his Cars underwear, I almost jumped across the room. And all he had to say in his tiny little 3 year old voice was "look mommy, it's up". Oh dear Jesus! Where's that book of things to say when you've been rendered speechless? I darn near put an entire pack of pull-ups on him and his little pieces were not to be seen again until he was grown.

That instance made me grateful for the time he was looking for his fart, wondering why it smelled like poo, but he couldn't see it. Or the time he tried to put the booger back in his nose because he wanted to save it. The innocence of children is priceless and irreplaceable. Everyday may be the same, but different in it's own little way, but very reliable. I know that every night when I tuck my kids into bed that I get to wake up to their smiling, carefree faces the next morning. So innocent, so filled with love with no motive behind them. I'm so very blessed!

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