A Good Day It Turned Out To Be  

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Well, I'm back from my self-pity sabbatical and ready to ride the blogging waves once again. Tonight's the night before my birthday and although the day started off a little rocky, it ended up great. My husband took me shopping and then out to dinner and now back home to watch a couple movies. I'm contemplating a glass of wine and then some snuggling with my hubby.

The last few days of feeling quite useless and down right depressed has showed me just how much I truly depend on my husband to gauge my mood. I'm not quite sure why it is that I feed off of him so much, but I seem not to be able to control it. It seems as though if I don't get enough of his time or attention it puts me in an odd place. It makes me miss him like crazy which in turn makes me depressed. Part of me thinks this must be somewhat normal being that I love him and if I didn't miss him, that would be more of a problem. The other part of me thinks that I'm a grown woman, not a 13 year old girl. What business do I have getting all depressed when I can't see my husband? On the other hand, it is nice that I still get those 13 year old butterflies in my stomach when he comes home and know he's all mine. I just wish I had more of those times.

You know something, my husband isn't perfect, but neither am I and if he were perfect, I wouldn't want him anyway. Sometimes he pisses me off like nobody else can, but most of the time he loves me like nobody else ever could. I love him like no other and if I could remarry him everyday for the rest of our lives, I would.

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