Overwhelmed And Under Appreciated  

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Well today has been kind of a mixed bag of emotions. It's just been one of those days when all of the stresses that you've been pushing aside come tumbling down on you. Generally I do as all SAHM's do and slap a happy face on and go about my day despite how I may be feeling physically or emotionally. Today I just couldn't. I was incredibly short tempered and it took all I had to pry myself off the couch to care for the kids.

Cleaning the house was a whole different story. I could have swore the kids were secretly plotting and working against me. They thought it would be a good idea to dump the crumbs from the cracker box all over the hardwood floors. Just freaking adorable! So I took that opportunity to vacuum. I started in one area and was working my way over towards the majority of the crumbs. It was at that point my little genius's decided to come running through the crumbs right over to the area I just vacuumed. They're so lucky I love them! I then moved on to their room. This normally goes pretty quick since I have little bins for everything. Today I noticed it to be going quite a bit faster than usual which was strange since their room was an absolute mess. No complaints from me, the faster the better! Whew, all done...going to sit back down now....or so I thought. My children have become looters! The entire time I was cleaning their room they were sneaking toys out into the living room. The living room in which I had just cleaned! I gave up!

While I was cleaning the house I did happen to notice that when my lovely husband made cinnamon rolls this morning he couldn't walk 3 steps to the right to throw the packaging away. Nor could he remove his tennis shoes or work boots from the middle of the living room (which I'm almost sure he had to of measured to get them in the exact right spot to ensure maximum trippage). When installing the boys new DVD player the other night he knocked over just about every decorative object on their entertainment center and didn't bother to even attempt to put them back. Things like this make me wonder if marriage is just the governments glamorous idea for adopting grown men out to responsible women to keep them under control. You've got to admit, most, if not all men are just over grown teenagers.

Now please don't get me wrong, I love my kids and my husband dearly. Today was just the day that I happened to realize just how much I run in circles doing and redoing things for other people while I have a lot of things on my to-do list that never seem to get done because everybody else always comes first. This brings me to wonder why is it that I find everybody else so important that they come first and foremost before anything and everything, but I have yet to find one person to put themselves aside for me?

I have so many things to do, no energy to do it and to be quite honest, when I think about it I get so overwhelmed that I just say screw it, tomorrow's another day. It's a vicious cycle which I can't seem to get out of. The support of my husband is imperative right now and he's just not there for me. Bottom line is that my life is heading down a road I don't like and I can't turn it around alone.

Let's hope tomorrow's a better day!

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Unfortunately, men just don't think like we do. They aren't trying to be jerks... they just don't get it. We feel under-appreciated because they don't understand how hard it is to be a stay-at-home mom. This is why I went back to work.

Hi Crystal,
Sounds like you are overwhelmed and a little depressed. I have been in that place. Sounds like you need to try and get out by yourself at least once a week and visit friends or do something for yourself. I was not a stay at home mom until a couple of years ago when my son became a teenager. I had always worked and when I started staying home I realized how lonely it could be. I started joining things so I had a committment at least a couple times a week with other people. This helps to energize me and refocus my thoughts positively. I pray that the rest of the week will be better for you and that you will not feel so overwhelmed and under appreciated and that you will be able to have a day with friends and be lifted up.

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