Boys And Their Toys  

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Alright, I've been pondering...I was outside playing with the boys the other day and realized that nearly every toy they pick up they bring it to me and say "it not work".  Ok, so I'll admit, they don't work because I'm to lazy to replace the batteries, but this isn't my point.  My point is, whatever happened to good old fashioned kickball?  Why is it that our kids have come to a point that everything they have has to do something in order for it to be fun?  

My children have all sorts of toys including balls, bikes, ring-toss and several other things that you actually have to put manual labor into in order for it "work" (What a concept!), but no matter what they always pass them up for something that makes noise and has pretty lights.   It has even gotten so bad that on the rare occasion that my kids get a happy meal, they want  the toy in it to do some sort of amazing trick.  Just recently my kids were treated to one such occasion and the toy happened to be a Hot Wheels car.  My older son brought it to me and asked "what it do, mom?"  Are you kidding me?  It's not enough to get a toy with your food, but you need it to do something all on it's own too?  Are they really so lazy and hooked on technology that they can't even use a finger to push a Hot Wheels car around?  I took the car, put it on the floor and pushed it across the room and said "that's what it does, you push it, it rolls".  You simply had to be here to appreciate the look of disappointment on his face.

So now that I've taken note of this I've begun to frightfully take a peek into my future.  If my boys are like this at ages 3 and 19 months, what lies in store for me when they become teenagers?  Dear Lord, please don't answer that!  Let me just bask in the joy of their technologically dependent childhood.

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