Why, Oh Why...  

Posted by: Crystal

...That it the question. Any of you that have children have either already gone through, are going through or soon will be going through the ever so fun "why" phase. Now I am a mother of three and with my daughter who is now 8, I don't remember her going through this phase this early in age. But my son Kaden, at the ripe old age of 3 has found that "why?" is the perfect response to everything, and I mean everything!

Now you may think these are simply the questions of a healthy, growing, curious child and in some instances you would be correct, but in most situations, this is not the case.  When telling my son 'no' for anything he asks me "why".  Sometimes I can see why he might wonder, but on other such occasions it just baffles me that he has to ask.  For instance, when I caught him jumping off of the arm of the couch with his blanket tied neatly around his neck as his cape, I gasp and yelled from across the room "NOOOOOOO" while envisioning a night in the ER for a broken arm.  As he calmly regains his balance and looks up at me with this look like I must be crazy and asks in his tiny little voice "why mommy?".

If you could have only seen the look on my face at that point!  I was thinking seriously?  Was he actually asking me this?  Well, I guess that's why God gave kid's parents!  I love my babies, even if they do drive me crazy with their senseless questions!

Oh, and Carol, I'm sorry I drove you crazy when I was 5 and asked you "why" about everything!  I love you!

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I forgive you... and yes, you drove me CRAZY!!! I still remember that phase of yours like it was yesterday!

I love you too! Remind me to give Kaden a high-five when I visit!

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